Wednesday, 19 January 2011

QTP Framework

Test Automation Framework

Types of Framework

Folder Structure

Record & Playback or Linear Framework

Modular Driven framework

Data Driven Framework

Keyword Driven framework

Hybrid driven Framework

Initialization Script
Automation Framework Guidelines
A) Process Guidelines:

i) Document Test Scenarios

ii) Collect Test Data

iii) Create Folder Structure to store Automation Resources like
Object Repositories, Function Libraries, Environment Variable files, Recovery Scenarios Etc...

iv) Create and Store Automation Resources

v) Build Tests using Automation Resources

vi) Create Organizer Spread sheet to organize & Control Test execution Process
    (Usning Organizer Spread sheet, we can restric the Test execution Module wise and Test wise
    Organizer Provides instructions to Driver Script
    We can modify the Organizer based on our requirements)

vii) Return Test results into Variables and export to external files

viii) Create Driver script to run Tests one by one and export Results

ix) Create Initialization script (AOM script File)
    (Initialization script launches QTP tool, Calls the Driver script.
    Driver script calls and execute tests one by one & export Results
    at end Initialization script quits the QTP Tool)
x) Modifying the Organizer, Driver script and Other resources (If required)
B) Object Identification Guidelines:

C) Test Data Collection Guidelines

D) Tool Settings Configuration Guidelines:

E) Test Scenarios Selection Guidelines:

F) Trouble Shooting Guidelines

G) Guidelines for Defining Test Results



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