Tuesday, 25 January 2011

You can work with only single instance of QTP on the same machine, But QTP itself can work on multiple instances of the Application Under Test (AUT). Ex:  QTP can handle multiple IE browser windows. we cant work with two applications atatime,
You can work with 2 diff applications at a time even without stop recording.
But the thing is You have to configure QTP as record and Run on any opened applications(Bothh Web and Windows) in Automation->record and run settings->select the radio button record and Run on any opened applications for both Web and Windows.

Is it possible to run more than one QTP instance on one machine? Earlier when someone would ask this question, my answer was straight NO. Recently I got hold of this post on Lifehacker, a popular productivity blog. The post mentions two cool tools – Altiris SVS and Sandboxie – for virtualization.
I thought, if it can be used to run two Firefox profiles and to test new softwares in isolation with the PC environment, why can’t it be used to run multiple QTP instances?
Exercise For You: This time I am not going to try rather would request you to do so. Go through Sandboxie thoroughly. Download it. Install QTP instances and then please let me know through the comments below whether it is indeed possible to run two instances of QTP on same machine.


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