Monday, 21 November 2011

QTP allows running different types of test. And sometimes, it needs perform time and date manipulations on a computer. In this article, I will show and explain - how to get system time/date and change them.

Actually, today's lecture consists of two questions:

  1. How to get system time and date?
  2. How to set system time and date?
Let start training right now :)
So, the first section is:

How to get system time and date?

Actually, this is not difficult task! Use the following functions:
  • Now - function returns the current date and time according to the setting of your computer's system date and time.
  • Date - function returns the current system date.
  • Time - function returns a Variant of subtype Date indicating the current system time.
So, the code is very simple. I provide it with a screen shot containing results:

Well, let's deal with the second section:

How to set system time and date?

For that, I will use simple DOS commands:
  • time - this command displays or sets the system time:
    To change the time, pass it as a parameter to time command. See the above screen shot as an example.
  • date - this command displays or sets the system date:
    To change the date, pass it as a parameter to date command. See the above screen shot as an example for date manipulations :)
Now, I will combine all the above VBScript functions (NowDateTime) and DOC commands (time and date):
As you can see, initial date and time were '26.10.2007 22:45:10'. Then I added 3 days and 2 hours to initial date & time. The result of addition is -'30.10.2007 0:45:10'.

By the way, could you guess, why the result day is 30th, not 29th? :) To answer, please pay attention that we added 2 hours too :)

The last step - running of time and date commands from command line. I used Run method of WScript.Shell object.

So, as you can see - date and time manipulation is easy enough.



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