Friday, 18 November 2011

Inserting Output Values

It is a step in which one or more values are captured during test execution.

The values can later be used as input at a different point in the run session or we can use as input for another test.

It is stored in run time data table; it is located in QTP result window and can be retrieved later.

Types of Output Values:

1.       Standard output value
2.       Text output value
3.       Text area output value
4.       Database output value
5.       XML output value (From Application)
6.       XML output value (From Resource)

1) Standard output value:

 We can use standard output values to output the properties values of most objects.


Keep tool under Recording mode > Insert menu >output value> standard output value > show the object > click ok > select property > modify the column name (if required) > click ok >click ok >stop recording.

2) Text output value:

We can use Text output values to output text strings displayed in an application. When creating a text output value we can output a part of the objects text and we can also specify text before and after options.

Keep tool under recording mode> Insert menu> output value > text output value > show the text >select one of the option(output text/text before/text after) > click modify if you want to change the column name > click ok > click ok.> check in runtime table after running it.

3) Text Area output value:

We can use text area output values to output text strings displayed within a defined area of the screen.


Keep tool under recording mode > insert menu >output value > text area output value >Mark the text area >click modify the column name if necessary > click ok > again click ok > check in run time table after running it..

4) Database output value:

We can use Database output values to output the value of the contents of database cells.


Insert menu> output value > Database output value> choose specify SQL statementsmanually >click next >click create >Select Machine Data source > Select Driver (QT_flight32) > click ok > enter SQL statement (select *from orders) > click finish > select data cells > click ok > Run and it will capture and see the results in run time table.

5) XML output value (from application):

we can use XML output values to output the values of XML elements in XML documents.

Navigation: Keep tool under recording mode with web environment > Insert menu > output value > XML output value from application > Show the XML document > selectelements > click ok >stop recording.

6) XML output Value (From Resource):

We can use XML output values to output the values of   XML elements in XML documents.


Insert menu >output value> XML output value from resource > browse path of the XML file > click ok > select elements >click ok.



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