Saturday, 22 January 2011

Installing Flex 4 Plug-In for QTP

Download Plug-In:

Adobe Flex 4 Plug-in for QTP Download Location on Adobe site::

1. Install Flash Player for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is currently the only supported browser/player.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Get the Adobe Flex 4 Plug-in for HP QuickTest Pro zip file and unzip it on the machine where you want to install the plug-in.
2. Double Click on the Install_QTP_Plugin.bat.
3. Restart your machine.

The plug-in installer will include the following in the installation directory:
• AIR folder which will have the AIR related dlls
• FLEX folder which will have the Flex related dlls
• Uninstall_QTP_Plugin.bat Double clicking on this bat file will uninstall the QTP Plug-in.
• ReadMe.txt file.
The zip file also contains a Demo folder that contains a Flash movie that describes the basics of using the plug-in. (Be sure to enable audio on your computer.

Using the Plug-in
1. Start QTP again after installing the plug-in. The Add-in Manager lists the Flex and AIR plug-in.
2. Select the Flex and Web plug-in in the Add-in Manager if you want to automate Flex applications or select the AIR Plug-in in the Add-in Manager if you want to automate AIR applications.
3. Select New > Test and click the Record button.

Note: Flex application testing with QTP currently supports only Microsoft Internet Explorer with the ActiveX Flash Player. For more information on these tasks and using QTP to test Flex applications, see Testing with QTP. For information on the operations and properties of Flex objects in QTP, see QTP Object Type Information.
Samples for Automated Testing Sample custom agents are available at Custom Automation Agents.
An application ready for testing with QTP can be found at Flexstore AT. This sample can be used to test if the QTP plugin installation was successful. An example for automating custom components can be found atAutomating Custom Component.


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