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Introduction to Automation
Different Components of Selenium
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium-RC
  • Selenium-Grid
  • Selenium 2.0 & WebDriver
Selenium IDE Introduction:
  • Introduction to Selenium IDE
  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE icons
  • Create and Execute Basic Scripts
    • Recording Tests
    • Running a Test
  • Selenium Concepts
    • Element Locators
    • Selenium Commands
      • Actions
      • Asserts
      • Accessorise
    • Pattern Matches
  • Element Locators
    • Locating elements by ID
    • Locating elements by name
    • Locating elements by link text
    • Locating elements by XPath
    • Locating Elements by using CSS
    • Summary
  • Useful Selenium Tools
    • Firebug for Firefox & Chrome
    • Firepath for xpath generation
    • IE developer tool bar
  • TestSuite
    • What is Test suite?
    • Creating Test Suite Using Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE Overview
    • Selenium IDE General Options
    • Selenium Menu Items
    • Format
Core Java
  • Introduction To Core Java
  • Environment variable configuration
  • What is oops?
  • What is a class and object?
  • What is a main method?
  • Basic Example
  • Datatypes
  • variables
  • Operators
  • Arrays
  • Conditions
    • If
    • If-else
    • If –else –If
    • Nested If
    • Select Case
  • Looping Conditions
    • For – Next
    • Do – loop
    • While –loop
    • For Each loop
  • Branching statements
    • Break Statement
    • Return Statement
    • Continue statement
  • Java Built in methods
    • String Methods
    • Math object methods
    • Date & time methods
  • Oops Concepts
    • Introduction
    • Class
    • Object
    • Static Keywords
    • Constructors
    • This Key Word
    • Inheritance
    • Super Key Word
    • Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding)
    • Abstraction
    • Encapsulation
    • Abstract Classes
    • Interfaces
  • Working with regular expressions
    • What is regular expression
    • Where we will use
    • Regular expression syntax
    • Examples on regular expression
  • Working with files
    • Working with Files and I/O
    • Working with Excel files
    • Working with data base.
    • Working with Property files
  • Java Exceptions
WebDriver (Selenium2.0) with Project Implementation
  • WebDriver Introduction
    • What is WebDriver?
    • Why WebDriver?
    • Difference between WebDriver and Selenium RC
    • Architecture of selenium webDriver
    • Configuring WebDriver in Eclipse
    • Downloading WebDriver Jars and configuring in eclipse
  • WebDriver Drivers introduction
    • HTML Driver
    • Firefox Driver
    • IE Driver
    • Chrome Driver
    • Safari Driver
    • Iphone driver
    • Android etc
  • Working with IE Driver
    • Downloading IE driver Server
    • Configuring IE Driver Server
    • Basic Example on IE Browser
  • Working with Chrome Driver
    • Downloading Chrome driver Server
    • Configuring Chrome Driver Server
    • Basic Example on Chrome Browser
  • Concept of firefox profile
    • What is Firefox profile
    • Why we need firefox Profile
  • Basic WebDriver Example
  • WebDriver Concepts
  • WebDriver Locators
    • Locating elements by ID
    • Locating elements by Class
    • Locating elements by Tag
    • Locating elements by Name
    • Locating elements by Link Text
    • Locating elements by Partial Link Text
    • Locating elements by XPath
    • Locating Elements by using CSS
  • Working with web page elements using WebDriver
    • Textbox
    • Links
    • Buttons
    • Check Box
    • Radio Button
    • List Box
    • Drop Down
  • Selenium-WebDriver API Commands and Operations
    • Driver commands like
      • get(“url”);
      • getTitle();
      • getWindowHandle();
      • getWindowHandles();
      • close();
      • quit(); ..etc
    • Child element commands like
      • clear();
      • sendKeys(“Data”);
      • click();
      • getAttribute(“arg”);
      • getTagName();
      • getText();
      • isDisplayed();
      • isEnabled();
      • isSelected(); ….etc.
    • Webdriver all other commands.
  • WebDriver Advanced Concepts
    • Importing webDriver documentation in eclipse
    • WebDriver DesiredCapabilities Class
    • Proxy settings with webdriver/Working with proxy Servers
    • HTMLUnit driver and desired capabilities
    • Handling Links with WebDriver
    • Handling WebList
    • Dynamic objects
    • Extracting links and other webelements
    • Capturing screenshots with WebDriver
    • Window handles
    • Tabbed browsing with WebDriver
    • Example of Tabbed browsing
    • Pop up handling in Selenium
    • Example of Pop up handling
    • Secure Certificate error handling using WebDriver
    • Pausing execution for sometime
    • Introducing Implicit wait and Explicit wait commands
    • WebDriverWait Class
    • Handling JavaScript alert messages with WebDriver
  • Introducing Actions class Usage
    • Simulating the Keyboard Keypress event
    • Simulating Pressing Enter Button of Keyboard
    • Simulating ClickAndHold event
    • Simulating MoveToElement/Mouse Over event
    • Simulating Doubleclickevent ..etc
    • Simulating Drag and Drop event
  • Working withWebTable
    • How to get row count
    • How to get data from specific cell
    • Dynamic WebTable Handling
  • Attaching files with Selenium
  • Working with Calendar using Selenium
  • Handling Ajax Autosuggests
  • Handling Google Ajax Autosuggests
  • Setting the page load timeout- WebDriver.Timeout Interface
  • Handling Frames in Web Page
  • Handling cookies
  • Simulating front and back button click on
  • Downloading files using webDriver
  • Listeners- Using WebDriverEventListener
  • Moving a mouse on a Object and right clicking on it
  • Finding Coordinates of a Web Object
  • Remote webdriver
  • WebDriver support Javascript alerts and prompts
  • Handle pop up windows
  • Handle authentication
  • Run multiple instances of the WebDriver sub-classes
TestNG Framework
  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Difference between Junit and TestNG
  • Why TestNG
  • InstallingTestNG in Eclipse
  • Advantages of TestNG over Junit
  • Exploring TestNG Features
  • TestNG annotations
  • How to Use TestNG Annotations for Selenium programming.
  • TestNG Annotations Complete Usage and Limitations
  • TestNG Assert commands
  • Automate tests using TestNG.
  • xml file for suite.
  • How to create testSuite for selenium tests.
  • TestNG Execution Report
  • TestNG Results output folder walkthrough
  • TestNG Reporting features
  • Installing Auto IT
  • Auto IT Overview
  • Why Auto IT?
  • AutoIT components
  • AutoIT commands
  • Auto IT Script Examples
  • Compiling Auto IT scripts
  • How To Use Auto IT scripts in WebDriver
  • AutoitX4Java Jar
  • Jacob Jar and dll files configuration
  • Autoit jar and Jacob Jar configuration in Eclipse
  • Write autoit programs in Eclipse
  • Introduction of Sikuli
  • Sikuli Overview
  • Why Sikuli
  • AutoIT and Sikuli differences
  • Sikuli installation
  • Record screen shot with sikuli
  • Sikuli jar configuration in Eclipse
  • Prepare scripts in eclipse using sikuli class files
  • Use sikuli programs in Eclipse
Debugging the Scripts
  • Inserting Break Points
  • Watch variables
  • Step Into
  • Step Over
  • Step Return
  • Run To line
  • Terminator
Automation Framework
  • What is Automation Framework
  • Advantages of automation framework
  • Types of automation framework
    • Modular Driven Framework
    • Data Driven Framework
    • Hybrid driven framework
    • Keyword driven framework
Modular Driven Framework
  • What is modular driven framework
  • Create reusable code as methods
  • Create test scripts by importing methods
Data Driven Framework
  • What is parameterization?
  • Types of parameterization
  • Parameterization using Excel
  • Parameterization using DataBase
  • Parameterization using Property files.
  • Random number parameterization
Keyword Driven Framework
  • What is Keyword Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework Implementation
Hybrid Driven Framework
  • What is Hybrid Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Driven Framework Implementation
  • Create Config files
  • Create Locators
  • Create libraries files
  • Create application methods
  • Create Global variables
  • Create Test scripts using TestNG Annotations
  • Create Test Suite using TestNG XML files
  • Generate Reports
  • Create Builds using Maven
  • What is Maven
  • Difference between ANT and Maven
  • Why Maven
  • Maven installation
  • Maven run commands
  • Maven dependencies
  • All plugins installations
  • Create builds using Maven
Selenium Grid
  • What is Selenium Grid?
  • Use of Selenium Grid?
  • When to Use It
  • Selenium-Grid 2.0
  • Selenium-Grid 1.0
  • How Selenium-Grid Works–With a Hub and Nodes
  • Installation
  • Starting Selenium-Grid
  • Configuring Selenium-Grid
  • Hub Configuration
  • Node Configuration
  • Timing Parameters
  • Getting Command-Line Help
  • Common Errors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Executing tests using Selenium- Grid
Selenium RC Overview
Real Time Process for Automation Testing
  • Introduction About Framework
  • What is feasibility study
  • Tool Selection criteria
  • What is POC
  • Hybrid frame work creation
  • Automate Test Cases
  • Name Conventions
  • Local Scope Variables
  • Global Scope Variables
  • Constants variables
  • General methods
  • Object Repository Files
  • Application methods
  • Coding & Commenting Code
  • Test Scripts Creation
  • Test Suite Creation.


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