Thursday, 11 August 2016

Automation testing is being aggressively adopted by various organizations looking to get the best result out of their testing efforts. Test automation in simple terms is use of software tools to execute the test cases and compare the actual outcome with the predicted outcome. This activity though performed manually by the testing teams but can be automated with use of right testing tool. There is an ongoing debate on Manual vs Automation testing in terms of ROI it provides and many organizations still go through various factors before adopting any of the well-known automation tools. Over last few years, the testing process has gone through a sea change with new testing methodologies like agile testing etc. Added to this, the complexity of the software has increased drastically and some applications in e-commerce and banking domain attracts huge amount of customers making testing even more important. It has become imperative to adopt test automation to meet the demands.

Here are the 5 things which one should consider before considering Test Automation for their project:

Project stage

The project stage plays an important role before going for the automation. UI for example should be finalised before going to decide to go for automation. If the requirements are constantly changing along with the UI, then the cost of automation can go up and it will require lots of effort to maintain the automation scripts.

Testing process

A good test automation framework can make the life easy for the testers as it promotes reuse of critical components and reduce maintenance efforts. Adopting an automation tool for its ease and record & playback feature alone can backfire. It requires a thorough understanding of current testing process and needs a clear vision / expectations before beginning with test automation. One needs to answer some questions like which modules of the application needs to be automated and so on before jumping into it.


Skilled resources are needed for any automation project given the complexity of the process. Building automation scripts requires knowledge of programming which should have a strong perspective of software design and architecture. Building an experienced automation team can cost you a lot and should be considered in the overall cost of the project. One can also consider the options of QA staffing or outsourcing to lower the impact.

Usage and Adoption

Automation frameworks can be fairly complex if not built properly. An ideal automation framework should be easy to adopt and easy to use for users. It should keep the fundamentals of the testing process intact and bring some standardization which is necessary to build a scalablity  test automation framework.


One of the main criterion which everyone considers before going for test automation is cost. A good test automation framework brings down the maintenance costs which are typically higher than the development costs. Apart from the dollars, you need to focus on right automation tools, skilled automation testers and a framework where scripts can be easily managed. One should try hands with some open sources frameworks initially and evaluate before you actually build one to see the real impact of the automation and costs associated with it. Hiring a test advisory service provider who can do this for you is also an option you should consider before going for test automation.
Automation testing can be one of the best ways to get most out of the resources and time. But analysing the exact cost of the automation is difficult and depends on the application which has to be automated. For the ROI sake, it is advisable to try building few scripts for some of the most complex part of application and run it multiple times on various builds to check the viability of it.

A mix of manual and automation testing is what is recommended for most of the applications. Automation gives you the flexibility to run the time intensive testing via automation tools while keeping the more intuitive work for the manual testers.

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