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            Instruments for testing fabric
            Istruments for testing fabric
            Instruments for testing fibre
            Instruments for testing silk
            Instruments for testing dyed goods
            Other test instruments & special parts
            Tally series
            High-class Fireplace Series
            Spinning apparatus electrophoresis line
            ADD:NO.501 Wu Yi   South Rd  Wujin high tech Zone CHANGZHOU
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            Changzhou Textile Instrument.,Ltd

            ADD:NO.501 Wu Yi   South Rd  Wujin high tech Zone CHANGZHOU
             Traffic routes: take the 68 road to the train station, next to the Dragon
            TEL:0519-86663868      0519-89809510
            FAX: 0519-86648786
            E-MAIL: cfy831@public.cz.js.cn    webmaster@czti.com
            Website: www.qtptesting.com
            Network real name: 常州紡織儀器廠有限公司
            Chinese domain: 常州紡織儀器廠.cn     常州紡儀.cn

            Payee: 常州紡織儀器廠有限公司
            Account No.: 1105020119230012211
            Open account bank: 工行常州市分行營業部 

            TEL:0519-86663868  0519-89809510  FAX:0519-86648786  E-MAIL:webmaster@czti.com  cfy831@public.cz.js.cn
            ADD:NO.501?Wu Yi South Rd Wujin high tech Zone CHANGZHOU