This article presents an architecture of test environment setup that enables full automation of tests execution and reporting. In proposed solution test environment is fully independent from development environment i.e. no changes are required from developers' side to make the test environment working correctly. Of course, if possible, such cooperation is welcome and will be very helpful in more efficient and easier integration.
Required resources
To setup the environment at least one virtual or physical box with Windows XP or later is required with access to the network where tested software (System or Application Under Test) resides. Moreover one license for QTP per box is required as well (i.e. at least one license is needed).
Architecture overview
The whole system is build of several main components: QTP test repository, deployment server (that might be already a part of development environment) and continuous integration server. All these components can be installed on one box in case when such tools (svn server, deployment server or Hudson CI) are not available in the project yet or not available for QA team.
Configured to run QTP test automatically and send an e-mail to specified recipients containing information about test results. In default configuration QTP tests are executed when one of the following events occur new version of application is ready for testing,QTP test was modified or a new test script was created by QA Engineer,
Such approach guarantees that any change in tested software or testing scripts will be noticed and examined as soon as possible.

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