Phase 1: Oracle Applications (R12)             Duration: 10 hours
Introduction to ERP
Overview of Popular ERP

Functional Architecture of Oracle Apps
Ø  Major Departments and their Activities.
Ø  Overview of modules in Oracle Apps
Ø  Overview of business cycles
Ø  Versions of Oracle Apps
Ø  Roles of Consultants in Oracle Apps.
Ø  Types of Projects.
Ø  Project process and Documents.

Technical Architecture of Oracle Apps
Ø  Overview of three tier Architecture
Ø  Software used in Build of Application
Ø  Architecture of User tier
Ø  Architecture of Data base tier.
Ø  Architecture of Application tier
Ø  Different ways to Access Application.

Functional Flows and Tables
Ø  Multi – Org Overview, Tables and Relationships.
Ø  PO Overview, Tables and Relationships.
Ø  INV Overview, Tables and Relationships.
Ø  OM Overview, Tables and Relationships.
Ø  BOM Overview, Tables and Relationships.
Ø  Order to Cash Cycle
Ø  Procure to Pay Cycle

System Administrator and AOL
Ø  User and Responsibility Creation
Ø  Data Group. Menu Group and Request Group Creation.
Ø  Creation of Executables. Concurrent programs and Request sets
Ø  Overview of Flex fields

Phase 2 : QTP 10.0 & QC 10.0                      Duration: 32 hours
Ø  Introduction to QTP
Ø  Object Types and Object Repository
Ø  Data Tables and Parametrization
Ø  VB Script (More focus on this topic)
Ø  Synchronization and Environment variables
Ø  Regular Expressions, Functions and Synchronization
Ø  Automation Frame work
Ø  Manage testing activites  with Quality Centre

Ø  Recording
Ø  Check Points
Ø  Actions
Ø  Output value
Ø  Debugging
Ø  Recovery Scenario

For Real time Section – 1 is enough

99.99% of the cases- Section-2 topics are not used in Real time,Just for interview purpose we will cover this topics also

Phase 3: QTP Scripting for Apps modules    Duration: 8 hours
Ø  QTP scipt for Oralce Modules like GL,PO,AR,Inv,BOM
Ø  QTP Script for Web applications
Ø  Key word driven Frame work


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Testing Experience

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