Type of the tool: Management tool
     Company: Introduced by mercury & taken over by HP
    Scripting language: there is no script language
     Version: 9.0

Definition: Quality center is a management tool which is used for managing the whole testing process &also provides the following facilities.
Ø  Common repository facility
Ø  Automation tractability facility
Ø  Bug tracking tool facility
Ø  Automatic reports & graphs generation facilities

Quality center Architecture:
         Site administrator             Business components
 Quality center                                                  Test plan
                                                                      Test lab
                                                                       Dash board
Site administrator: site administrator is used for the following creating, modifying, deleting the domains
     i. creating, modifying, deleting the projects
    ii. creating, modifying, deleting the roles
   iii. assigning roles to the project & all the other administrative activities.
  Quality Center: it has 6 modules
1.    Business module: this module is used by the subject matter experts (SME) to design the components for all the end to end scenario of an application which belongs to a critical domain. Once the business components designed based on than the test engineers will develop the test & perform testing on the application. This type of testing is known as Business process testing.

2.    Requirements: this module is used for the following
Ø  It is used for adding the main requirements
Ø  It is used for adding the child requirements
Ø  It is used for viewing the direct cover status
Ø  It is used for used for viewing the review status etc…

3.    Test plan: this module is used for the following
Ø  Creating the folder structure
Ø  Creating the empty tests
Ø  It provides the provision to launch the corresponding automated tool for developing the tests
Ø  It provides the provision to write the test cases
Ø  It provides the provision to establish a link between tests & requirements

4.    Test Lab: It is used for the following
Ø  It is used for creating the folder structure
Ø  It provides the provision to build the test sets
Ø  It provides the provision to executes test sets & individual test

Once the execution is done, analyzing the results than there is chance do identifying
                   The defects, if at all any defects are found then one will use the next module.
5.    Defect Module: this module is very much similar to a bug tracking tool which provides all the facilities for bug tracking & reporting.

6.     Dash Board: dash board is a special module provided by Quality Center which is used by the manager cadre people for generating common reports access multiple projects.

Ø  Open Quality center
Ø  Site administrator
Ø  Add-ins page

  Navigation of Site administrator:
Ø  User name
Ø  Password
Ø  login

 Navigation for site users:
Ø  Username
Ø  Full name
Ø  Email address
Ø  Phone number
Ø  Designation
Ø  Ok

Navigation for Create no of users:
Ø  Password
Ø  Change password

Navigation for Site project:
Ø  Create domain
Ø  Name
Ø  Create project
Ø  Click on next button
Ø  Project name
Ø  Domain
Ø  Click on next

Navigation for Assigning:
Ø  Click arrow button
Ø  Create
Ø  Logout

Navigation for QC requirements:
Ø  Name
Ø  Password
Ø  Authenticate
Ø  Domain
Ø  Project
Ø  Login
Ø  Add new requirement
Ø  Name
Ø  Login
Ø  Invoke login
Ø  Ok

Navigation for test plan:
Ø  New folder
Ø  New text
Ø  Login
Ø  invoke

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